How much will Microsoft stock cost in 2028? (2024)

How much will Microsoft stock cost in 2028?

According to Various Analysts, Microsoft Stock the Price Per Share at $420 by the End of 2024, $480 in 2025, $530 in 2026, $530 — $580 in 2027, $580 — $630 in 2028, $680 in 2029, $730 in 2030, $3,000 or Even $5,000 in 2035, $10,000 in 2040, $50,000 or Even $100,000 in 2050, $50k to $100k+ in 2060, According to ...

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What will Microsoft stock be worth in 2027?

Long-Term Microsoft Stock Price Predictions
2027$ 843.9799.59%
2028$ 1,062.60151.29%
2029$ 1,337.86216.38%
2030$ 1,684.43298.34%
2 more rows

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What will Microsoft stock be worth in 10 years?

According to Various Analysts, Microsoft Stock the Price Per Share at $420 by the End of 2024, $480 in 2025, $530 in 2026, $530 — $580 in 2027, $580 — $630 in 2028, $680 in 2029, $730 in 2030, $3,000 or Even $5,000 in 2035, $10,000 in 2040, $50,000 or Even $100,000 in 2050, $50k to $100k+ in 2060, According to ...

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How high will Microsoft stock go?

Average Price Target

Based on 34 Wall Street analysts offering 12 month price targets for Microsoft in the last 3 months. The average price target is $468.86 with a high forecast of $510.00 and a low forecast of $440.00. The average price target represents a 11.44% change from the last price of $420.72.

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What will Google stock be worth in 2030?

Long-Term Alphabet Inc. Stock Price Predictions
2027$ 261.9271.15%
2028$ 313.30104.72%
2029$ 374.75144.87%
2030$ 448.27192.91%
2 more rows

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How much will Amazon stock be worth in 2030?

If Amazon maintains its current valuations, matches analysts' expectations, and grows its EPS at a CAGR of 20% from 2025 to 2030, its market cap would reach $5.5 trillion by the final year. If Apple does the same thing and grows its EPS at a CAGR of 10% from fiscal 2026 to fiscal 2030, it would be worth $5.2 trillion.

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How high will Microsoft stock be in 5 years?

Microsoft Stock Forecast 2026-2030

These five years would bring an increase: Microsoft price would move from $580 to $1,058, which is up 82%. Microsoft will start 2026 at $580, then soar to $587 within the first six months of the year and finish 2026 at $675. That means +66% from today.

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What if I invested $1,000 in Microsoft IPO?

Microsoft's return is even more impressive than Apple's, as it turned $1,000 invested in its 1986 IPO to $4.1 million now. However, Microsoft's stock ride was rather bumpy, as its stock turned $1,000 into nearly $600,0000 by the turn of the century.

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Is Microsoft a good long-term stock?

The global cloud computing market is expected to generate $2.4 trillion in revenue by 2030, as compared to $569 billion in 2022. So Microsoft's improving share of this market bodes well for the company from a long-term perspective.

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Is Microsoft a long-term stock?

Microsoft (MSFT): One of the most reliable technology stocks that's built for long-term growth. Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG): Arguably the best quick-service restaurant stocks to own over the long haul.

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What is Microsoft prediction for 2040?

Microsoft's broad array of products and services, as well as the recent stock price increase, begs the question of how high MSFT could reach in the future. According to different growth models, Microsoft stock is forecasted to surpass $1,000 by 2040 and potentially reach five digits by 2050.

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Is Microsoft a buy hold or sell?

Microsoft stock has received a consensus rating of buy. The average rating score is Aaa and is based on 96 buy ratings, 1 hold ratings, and 2 sell ratings.

How much will Microsoft stock cost in 2028? (2024)
How much will Microsoft stock cost in 2040?

Will Microsoft stock go up in 2040? In 2040, Microsoft stock will be going to set a new record of growth for investors if it moves the same as the expert predictions. The expert predictions that the Microsoft stock price will fluctuate between $1721 to $1801.

What will Nvidia be worth in 2030?

Assuming Nvidia is still trading at the same forward P/E, its stock price could reach $3,360 by the end of 2030, or 328% above the current share price. That would put its market cap at over $8 trillion.

What will Amazon stock be worth in 2025?

If we apply the S&P 500's average price-to-earnings ratio (P/E) of 27 to this $70 billion in earnings, Amazon's stock would have a market cap of $1.89 trillion in 2025. This is slightly higher than the current $1.77 trillion valuation.

What will Amazon be worth in 2040?

Amazon Stock Prices By Trading View
YearLowest priceThe highest price
Mar 20, 2024

Has Amazon stock ever been $2,000?

Amazon stock hit $2,000 per share for the first time Thursday.

What will Apple stock be worth in 2040?

Key highlights: Apple, the world's largest company with a $2.81 trillion market cap, has grown at over 25% CAGR in the past decade. Based on the S&P 500's historical 11.1% ROI, Apple's stock could reach $1,093 by 2040 and $3,140 by 2050.

What will Nvidia stock be worth in 2025?

So to answer the question, Nvidia could be worth $3 trillion by 2025 if it hits analyst estimates; it would just be an expensive stock. But Nvidia's stock has rarely been cheap over the past year, and likely won't get much cheaper moving forward, especially if it continues to post strong growth.

What is the true value of Microsoft stock?

As of 2024-03-31, the Intrinsic Value of Microsoft Corp (MSFT) is 282.18 USD. This Microsoft valuation is based on the model Discounted Cash Flows (Growth Exit 5Y). With the current market price of 420.72 USD, the upside of Microsoft Corp is -32.9%. The range of the Intrinsic Value is 187.49 - 585.19 USD.

Is AMZN a buy right now?

AMZN sits at a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy), holds a Momentum Style Score of B, and has a VGM Score of A. The stock is up 0.8% and up 1.2% over the past one-week and four-week period, respectively, and Amazon has gained 74.6% in the last one-year period as well.

How high is Apple stock expected to go?

Apple Stock Forecast

The 31 analysts with 12-month price forecasts for Apple stock have an average target of 205, with a low estimate of 158 and a high estimate of 250. The average target predicts an increase of 20.57% from the current stock price of 170.03.

What if you invested $1 000 in Microsoft 20 years ago?

With Microsoft trading at fresh all-time highs, it seemed like a good time to see what $1,000 invested in Microsoft stock 20 years ago would be worth today. Have a look at the above chart and you'll see that if you put a grand into MSFT stock two decades ago, today it would be worth more than $24,000.

How much would you have if you invested $10000 in Microsoft 30 years ago?

Achieving this milestone isn't a walk in the park by any means, but it can be more accomplishable than many realize, thanks to the power of investing and compound interest. A $10,000 investment in Microsoft 30 years ago, at the start of January 1994, would be worth nearly $2.4 million today with dividends reinvested.

How much would I have if I invested $10000 in Microsoft in 1986?

​​A $10,000 Investment in Microsoft in 1986 is Worth $39 Million Today!


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