How much would $1000 invested in Microsoft in 1986 be worth today? (2024)

How much would $1000 invested in Microsoft in 1986 be worth today?

In dollar terms, that $1,000 investment in 1986 would be worth a whopping $3.23 million today.

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How much is $1000 of Microsoft stock in 1986?

Microsoft's return is even more impressive than Apple's, as it turned $1,000 invested in its 1986 IPO to $4.1 million now. However, Microsoft's stock ride was rather bumpy, as its stock turned $1,000 into nearly $600,0000 by the turn of the century.

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What if you invested $1,000 in Microsoft 20 years ago?

Buying $1000 In MSFT: If an investor had bought $1000 of MSFT stock 20 years ago, it would be worth $16,279.07 today based on a price of $413.00 for MSFT at the time of writing.

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What was Microsoft stock price in 1986?

Microsoft stock first went public on March 13, 1986 at $21 per share. By the end of the trading day, the price had risen to $28 per share. Now, the price is nearly 13 times higher, closing at $360.69 on Nov. 9.

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What would $1000 invested in Apple in 1980 be worth today?

In other words, that $1,000 investment in 1980 would be worth more than $1.26 million today! But that's not all, because Apple has paid a dividend in several years since 1987. Assuming you never sold a single share along the way, you would've collected an additional $155,131 in dividend payments!

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How much would you have if you invested $10000 in Microsoft 30 years ago?

Achieving this milestone isn't a walk in the park by any means, but it can be more accomplishable than many realize, thanks to the power of investing and compound interest. A $10,000 investment in Microsoft 30 years ago, at the start of January 1994, would be worth nearly $2.4 million today with dividends reinvested.

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How many times has Microsoft stock split since 1986?

This is the ninth time the company has split the stock since Microsoft went public back in March 1986. One original share will equal 288 shares after this split is effective.

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What if you invested $1,000 in Microsoft 10 years ago?

So, if you had invested in Microsoft a decade ago, you're probably feeling pretty good about your investment today. A $1000 investment made in February 2014 would be worth $11,326.86, or a gain of 1,032.69%, as of February 9, 2024, according to our calculations.

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How high will Microsoft stock go in 10 years?

According to Various Analysts, Microsoft Stock the Price Per Share at $420 by the End of 2024, $480 in 2025, $530 in 2026, $530 β€” $580 in 2027, $580 β€” $630 in 2028, $680 in 2029, $730 in 2030, $3,000 or Even $5,000 in 2035, $10,000 in 2040, $50,000 or Even $100,000 in 2050, $50k to $100k+ in 2060, According to ...

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How much to invest to get $1 million in 10 years?

In order to hit your goal of $1 million in 10 years, SmartAsset's savings calculator estimates that you would need to save around $7,900 per month. This is if you're just putting your money into a high-yield savings account with an average annual percentage yield (APY) of 1.10%.

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How much is $10 000 invested in Microsoft in 1986?

​​A $10,000 Investment in Microsoft in 1986 is Worth $39 Million Today! I hate these headlines. But let's play along.. A $10,000 investment in Microsoft on November 3, 1986 held through November 29, 2021 is worth $38.9 million today.

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How much shares does Bill Gates own in Microsoft?

Bill Gates – 102,992,934 Shares – 1.34%

Gates' ownership in Microsoft dropped from 45% during the company's IPO in 1986 to only 1.34%, representing 102.99 million shares as per the last ownership disclosure in October 2019. Since stepping down in 2020, he has stopped publicly reporting his ownership of Microsoft.

How much would $1000 invested in Microsoft in 1986 be worth today? (2024)
How many times has Microsoft stock split since 1985?

Microsoft stock (symbol: MSFT) underwent a total of 9 stock splits.

What if you invested $10,000 in Apple in 1980?

Factoring in the company's five stock splits, these 454 shares would have increased to 101,696 shares, as of today. With Apple closing last week at $140.09, it means an initial $10,000 investment nearly 42 years ago would now be worth $14,246,593.

What if I bought $1,000 shares of Apple in 2000?

But if you were smart enough to invest $1,000 in Apple stock at the start of the year 2000, you'd be sitting on a monster gain of 21,230%. This means that modest investment would be worth a whopping $213,000 today (as of July 27).

What if you bought $1,000 shares of Apple in 1997?

If you had invested $1,000 in Apple stock on Feb. 4, 1997, today, you would have $1,343,269. Likewise, if you had invested $1,000 in an index fund replicating Nasdaq, you would have $11,038. A similar $1,000 investment in an index fund that replicates the S&P 500 would be worth $6,140.

How much do I need to invest a month to become a millionaire in 10 years?

Now, let's consider how our calculations change if the time horizon is 10 years. If you are starting from scratch, you will need to invest about $4,757 at the end of every month for 10 years. Suppose you already have $100,000. Then you will only need $3,390 at the end of every month to become a millionaire in 10 years.

How much do I need to invest to make $1 million in 5 years?

Saving a million dollars in five years requires an aggressive savings plan. Suppose you're starting from scratch and have no savings. You'd need to invest around $13,000 per month to save a million dollars in five years, assuming a 7% annual rate of return and 3% inflation rate.

How long will it take for an $1000 investment to double in size when invested at the rate of 8% per year?

The result is the number of years, approximately, it'll take for your money to double. For example, if an investment scheme promises an 8% annual compounded rate of return, it will take approximately nine years (72 / 8 = 9) to double the invested money.

What stocks are expected to split in 2024?

3 Potential Stock Splits to Add to Your 2024 Radar
  • Broadcom (AVGO) Source: Sasima / Broadcom (NASDAQ:AVGO) is the most expensive stock on this list on a per-share basis. ...
  • Deckers Outdoor (DECK) Source: BalkansCat / Shutterstock. ...
  • Nvidia (NVDA) Source: Poetra.RH /
Mar 20, 2024

What stock has split the most in history?

What Stock Has Split The Most In History?
  • A stock that has a lower per-share price can attract a much broader range of investors. ...
  • So, what stock has split the most in history? ...
  • Apple (AAPL) has split five times.
  • The first split happened in June of 1987. ...
  • Apple's second stock split happened in June of 2000.

Is Microsoft going to split in 2024?

Microsoft hasn't indicated any plans for a stock split, but given its robust growth, this may be the year it joins its tech peers in splitting its high-priced shares.

How much money to make $50,000 in dividends?

If, for example, your portfolio gets to a value of $1.5 million, you could invest in a fund or multiple investments that yield an average of 3.3%. At that rate, you could generate $50,000 in annual dividends.

Is Microsoft a forever stock?

Below are the top blue-chip stocks that investors can buy and never sell. Microsoft (MSFT): This blue-chip AI stock is the largest company in the world by market capitalization. Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A,BRK-B): Berkshire's huge cash position makes them well positioned to navigate the global debt crisis.

How much will $1,000 invested be worth in 20 years?

The table below shows the present value (PV) of $1,000 in 20 years for interest rates from 2% to 30%. As you will see, the future value of $1,000 over 20 years can range from $1,485.95 to $190,049.64.


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