Is Microsoft stock a buy or sell in 2024? (2024)

Is Microsoft stock a buy or sell in 2024?

The introduction of AI PCs and the scheduled end of support for Windows 10 in October 2025 will help drive new PC sales, analysts say. Microsoft wants PC users to move to its Windows 11 operating system. Elsewhere on Wall Street, BofA Securities called Microsoft stock a "top buy" for 2024.

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Is Microsoft a good stock to buy 2024?

Microsoft is primed to deliver stronger growth going forward

Microsoft's revenue in the first six months of fiscal 2024 (which ended on Dec. 31) increased 15% year over year to $118.5 billion. Meanwhile, its adjusted earnings over that time jumped 30% to $5.92 per share.

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What is the future of Microsoft stock?

The new price target of $550 reflects a 35 times multiple of the projected fiscal year 2026 earnings per share (EPS). Microsoft's strategic moves in the AI space have been recognized by Jefferies as a major growth driver.

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What will be the price of Microsoft stock in 2025?

Microsoft stock price stood at $420.72
8 more rows

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Is Microsoft a buy hold or sell?

Microsoft's analyst rating consensus is a Strong Buy. This is based on the ratings of 34 Wall Streets Analysts.

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What stock will boom in 2024?

10 Best Growth Stocks to Buy for 2024
StockExpected Change in Stock Price*
Tesla Inc. (TSLA)61%
Mastercard Inc. (MA)14.2%
Salesforce Inc. (CRM)7.2%
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD)11.3%
6 more rows
Mar 25, 2024

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What are the best stocks to buy in 2024?

Best American Stocks To Buy In 2024
  • Broadcom Inc. (NASDAQ:AVGO)
  • Eli Lilly and Company (NYSE:LLY)
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM)
  • Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE:BRK-B)
  • Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)
  • Visa Inc. (NYSE:V)
  • Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG)
Mar 8, 2024

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Is it safe to invest in Microsoft Stock?

The company is active in a diverse range of high-growth markets, making it one of the most attractive investment options right now. In fact, recent boosts to its stock price suggest Microsoft could be on a path to overtake Apple as the world's most valuable company by market cap.

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Where will Microsoft stock be in 5 years?

According to Various Analysts, Microsoft Stock the Price Per Share at $420 by the End of 2024, $480 in 2025, $530 in 2026, $530 — $580 in 2027, $580 — $630 in 2028, $680 in 2029, $730 in 2030, $3,000 or Even $5,000 in 2035, $10,000 in 2040, $50,000 or Even $100,000 in 2050, $50k to $100k+ in 2060, According to ...

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Is AMZN a buy right now?

Amazon's analyst rating consensus is a Strong Buy. This is based on the ratings of 41 Wall Streets Analysts.

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What is Microsoft target price 2024?

The prevalent analyst and expert consensus on Microsoft is Strong Buy with 42 strong buy estimates. The prevailing projected target price is 392.34 with 57 professional opinions.

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What will Amazon stock be worth in 2025?

If we apply the S&P 500's average price-to-earnings ratio (P/E) of 27 to this $70 billion in earnings, Amazon's stock would have a market cap of $1.89 trillion in 2025. This is slightly higher than the current $1.77 trillion valuation.

Is Microsoft stock a buy or sell in 2024? (2024)
What is the highest Microsoft stock price ever?

The all-time high Microsoft stock closing price was 429.37 on March 21, 2024. The Microsoft 52-week high stock price is 430.82, which is 2.4% above the current share price. The Microsoft 52-week low stock price is 275.37, which is 34.5% below the current share price.

Is Microsoft currently undervalued?

Compared to the current market price of 420.72 USD, Microsoft Corp is Overvalued by 34%. What is intrinsic value? Microsoft Corp's market capitalization is 3.1T USD. MSFT stock price is 420.72 USD.

What are analysts saying about Microsoft stock?

The average analyst rating for Microsoft stock from 41 stock analysts is "Strong Buy". This means that analysts believe this stock is likely to perform very well in the near future and significantly outperform the market.

What is the true value of Microsoft stock?

As of 2024-03-31, the Intrinsic Value of Microsoft Corp (MSFT) is 282.18 USD. This Microsoft valuation is based on the model Discounted Cash Flows (Growth Exit 5Y). With the current market price of 420.72 USD, the upside of Microsoft Corp is -32.9%. The range of the Intrinsic Value is 187.49 - 585.19 USD.

What stocks will double in 2024?

Aris Water Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:ARIS) is one of the stocks that can double in 2024, along with Wayfair Inc. (NYSE:W), Match Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:MTCH), and Palantir Technologies Inc.

Will stock bounce back in 2024?

For now at least, analysts are anticipating S&P 500 earnings growth will continue to accelerate in the first half of 2024. Analysts project S&P 500 earnings will grow 3.9% year-over-year in the first quarter and another 9% in the second quarter.

What are the top stocks to buy in February 2024?

F&O stocks to buy & sell today: TCS, HDFC Life among top 8 trading ideas for 29 February 2024
  • Tata Consultancy Services Share Price.
  • Infosys Share Price.
  • HCL Technologies Share Price.
  • Wipro Share Price.
  • Tech Mahindra Share Price.
Feb 29, 2024

What stocks are going to skyrocket?

Best-performing growth stocks
CompanyPerformance (Year)
Palantir Technologies Inc (PLTR)191.56%
Celsius Holdings Inc (CELH)179.56%
Forestar Group Inc (FOR)175.58%
Nu Holdings Ltd (NU)174.89%
17 more rows

What are 3 good stocks to invest in?

7 of the Best Long Term Stocks to Buy and Hold
StockMarket CapitalizationSector
Colgate-Palmolive Co. (CL)$73 billionConsumer staples
Sysco Corp. (SYY)$41 billionConsumer staples
Coca-Cola Co. (KO)$261 billionConsumer staples
S&P Global Inc. (SPGI)$134 billionFinancials
3 more rows
Mar 25, 2024

What are the best undervalued stocks in 2024?

Key Takeaways
TickerCompanyPrice ($)
ORGNOrigin Materials Inc.0.51
TOROToro Corp.6.08
GTIMGood Times Restaurants Inc.2.19
TANHTantech Holdings Ltd.0.78
7 more rows

Does Warren Buffett hold Microsoft stock?

Buffett has never owned Microsoft stock, and for a very good reason. Buffett is one of the world's best investors, and he loves to own stakes in companies with steady growth, strong profitability, great management, and a plan to return money to shareholders.

What if you invested $1 000 in Microsoft 20 years ago?

With Microsoft trading at fresh all-time highs, it seemed like a good time to see what $1,000 invested in Microsoft stock 20 years ago would be worth today. Have a look at the above chart and you'll see that if you put a grand into MSFT stock two decades ago, today it would be worth more than $24,000.

Is it too late to buy Microsoft stock?

While that might seem pricey to some, I'd suggest it's remarkably reasonable, given the company's growth prospects. It deserves a slight premium. Given the multiple ways Microsoft can profit from the AI revolution and other catalysts that could fuel its growth, I'd argue it's not too late to buy Microsoft.


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