Who will take over for scott shannon? (2024)

Who will take over for scott shannon?

John Foxx, who was an afternoon host in the market at the former WPLJ, will take over the 6-10am morning show helmed by Shannon since 2014, starting in February. Foxx will also take over as Brand Manager of WCBS-FM, taking on the position currently held by veteran New York radio

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programmer Jim Ryan.

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Where did Patty Steele go?

Steele says she will devote more time to her award-winning podcast, “The Deep 6,” while exploring new opportunities. Steele has a mountain of awards and honors to her name, including a 2022 Gracie Award for her podcast.

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What happened to Bob Shannon WCBS-FM?

Bob Shannon, best known for a long stretch on-air at WCBS-FM New York (101.1), has died after a long illness. He was 74. Shannon, whose real name was Don Bombard, hosted afternoons on “CBS-FM” from the mid-1980s until 2012, except for a two-year period from 2005-2007 during the station's ill-fated “Jack FM” era.

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What happened to Scott Shannon and Todd Pettengill?

On February 7, 2014, Shannon announced he was leaving WPLJ. Pettengill then announced his newest venture: The Todd Show in the Morning on WPLJ. From January 2016 until the radio station's sale and sign-off in 2019, Pettengill co-hosted Todd & Jayde in the Morning alongside Jayde Donovan from Sacramento's KDND.

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Why did Scott Shannon leave CBS?

My alarm has gone off at 3:15 for eight and a half years now and I believe it's time to take from morning radio and chill for awhile before I decide what I want to do next in my life and my career. It was a difficult decision for me because I love CBS-FM, it was a dream of mine to work here and I did get to work here.

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Why is Patty Steele retiring?

16 retirement of New York radio icon Scott Shannon, longtime co-host Patty Steele will also step away from the station and will devote more time to her award-winning podcast “The Deep 6.” Steele plans to explore other opportunities in radio and digital as well as public speaking and writing.

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What station is Patty Steele on?

Patty Steele - Co-host CBS-FM's SHANNON IN THE MORNING SHOW - CBS RADIO | LinkedIn.

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How old was Bob Shannon?

Death. Shannon died on June 28, 2023, at the age of 74 after a long battle with respiratory illness.

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Is Scott Shannon related to Bob Shannon?

He is also the author of the book Behind The Hits: Inside Stories of Classic Pop and Rock and Roll. He has a son, Scott (no relation to current WCBS-FM morning DJ Scott Shannon), and a daughter, Avery.

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Is Bob Grant still on the radio?

A veteran of broadcasting in New York City, Grant is considered a pioneer of the conservative talk radio format and was one of the early adopters of the "combat talk" format. Grant's career spanned from the 1950s until shortly before his death at age 84 on December 31, 2013. Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

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Is Scott Shannon still on WCBS?

He also hosted the morning show for WCBS-FM in New York City from 2014 to 2022 as well as Scott Shannon Presents America's Greatest Hits which is syndicated nationally with United Stations Radio Networks and Audacy. He previously worked for WHTZ, WPLJ, and The True Oldies Channel.

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Where is Annie from WPLJ?

Annie Leamy will join John Foxx as morning co-host when “Foxx & Annie In The Morning” debuts on Monday, Feb. 13. Leamy, who has been hosting mornings at iHeartMedia AC “Q92” WRNQ Poughkeepsie since January 2020, previously served as a member of “Todd & Jayde in the Morning” at the former WPLJ New York.

Who will take over for scott shannon? (2024)
Who is the cast of the Todd Pettengill show?

The “core four,” he says, are him, Cooper Lawrence, executive producer Joe (Monkey Boy) Pardavila and newcomer Anne Marie Leamy, known as Annie. Collectively it adds up to a subtly different show than Pettengill co-hosted for the last 23 years on WPLJ with Scott Shannon, who has moved to WCBS-FM (101.1).

How old is Scott Shannon?

Who hosts America's Greatest Hits?

Don't miss Scott Shannon Presents: America's. Greatest Hits EVERY Sunday Morning from 7-11am on. WCBS-FM!

Who is Patty Steele radio personality?

Patty Steele is a legendary figure in the radio broadcast industry. She has worked alongside some of radio's most iconic personalities such as Elvis Duran; Scott Shannon; Danny Bonaduce; and John Lander.

Who is Candy Shannon radio host?

Candy Shannon is a Host for the WPFW-FM, Washington, DC with one video in the C-SPAN Video Library; the first appearance was a 2011 Forum.

Does Michael Shannon have a brother?

How old is Bob Grant?

Robert St Clair Grant (14 April 1932 – 8 November 2003) was an English actor, comedian and writer, best known for playing bus conductor Jack Harper in the television sitcom On the Buses, as well as its film spin-offs and stage version.

What happened to Bob Grant?

Sadly, Bob battled with depression, which ultimately led to him ending his own life in 2003. He was 71. His last acting role was in Funny Money at Devonshire Park Theatre in July 1998.

Did Bob Grant have children?

What happened to Todd from WPLJ?

Todd is currently the Executive Producer for Positively America TV and Co-Executive Producer for the classic kids TV show Wonderama.

What happened to Annie in the morning on Q92?

Audacy Classic Hits 101.1 WCBS-FM New York has announced the addition of Anne Marie 'Annie' Leamy as morning co-host for its upcoming new morning show with new Brand Manager John Foxx debuting on Monday, February 13. Leamy joins WCBS-FM after spending the past three years in mornings at iHeartMedia AC “Q92.

What nationality is Annie Marie?

Anne-Marie Rose Nicholson (born 7 April 1991) is an English singer-songwriter. She has attained charting singles on the UK Singles Chart, including Clean Bandit's "Rockabye", which peaked at number one, as well as "Alarm", "Ciao Adios", "Friends", "2002", "Don't Play" and "Kiss My (Uh-Oh)".

Where the Heart Is Troy?

Where the Heart Is (2000) - Todd Lowe as Troy - IMDb.


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